Founded by Gabriel Chavez in 2008, Market Share Media is a team of SEO Specialists commited to helping your business prosper.

We Know What Works

Gabriel Chavez has been in the game of increasing exposure for businesses for quite some time now, and he knows what works. He was a former Yellow Pages Advertising Executive, and was in charge of getting business’s into the Yellow Pages Book.

He observed that although at the time Yellow Pages had been the dominant form of advertising for small businesses, online advertising was gaining traction at the speed of light because it works GREAT at a fraction of the price.

Thus began Gabriel’s journey to create a agency that specializes in getting businesses to show up all over online, using private technology that he created, allowing Market Share Media to “Geo-Target” their locations.

He created this agency with ethics, integrity, and great customer service at it’s core. He keeps our pricing to the bare minimum to show his clients that MSM is here to help their business prosper, and not to make a quick buck like other agencies out there. 

Private Geo-Targeting Technology

Our private Geo-Targeting Technology allows us to show your business on Google in ANY area you’d like, whether it’s all the cities surrounding you or cities scattered all over the country.


We make it possible for customers to find you in areas that you would have never shown up in before, allowing you to expand your customer base and take your business to it’s full potential.


We want you to know that there are real people behind this company who care for and strive to help your business succeed. 

At only $35 a week, we make it possible for you to give your business a presence in multiple locations without ever having to open up another shop/business. 

No BS, no contracts. We are 100% sure that our strategies will generate you more customers from many other areas, and we stand by this with our no contract policy. 

After all, if we know for a fact we will bring your business results, why force you into an annoying contract?


At Market Share Media, we pride ourselves on integrity, ethics, and our fine-tuned skills to help businesses prosper.

We are a team of experienced small business marketing professionals who know how to grow your customer base.

Search Engine Optimization

We get your business ranked at the top of Google in your area to increase your online presence.

Content Optimization

We ensure that the content on your sites are optimized to ensure maximum search optimization results.

Build State of the Art Sites For You

We build multiple state of the art websites for you to help your business rank on Google in multiple areas.

Private Tech: Geo-Targeting

We make your business show up on Google in 6-18 areas OF YOUR CHOICE, bringing you more customers from more areas.

Data Analysis

We analyze our results from every project to ensure that our clients only get the absolute best results.

Unlimited Keywords

Rank on Google with UNLIMITED keywords pertaining to your specific industry to help customers find you.


A team of specialists commited to taking your business to the next level.

Gabriel Chavez

Gabriel Chavez

Founder & CEO

Jason Hill

Jason Hill

Founder & CEO

Blake Hammond

Blake Hammond

Founder & CEO

Let's Work Together!

We are 100% sure that your business will benefit from showing up all over the internet (whose wouldn’t, right?), and would love to be the ones to help you do it.

Contact us today to get started on taking your business to the next level!

A commited team of Search Engine Specialists dedicated to Helping Your Business Prosper via private Geo-Targeting Technology.

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