I’m sure you’re wondering by now.. What makes Market Share Media different from all the other SEO agencies out there?

Well, it’s one simple thing…


Yup, that’s right. Geo-Targeting.

“Geo-Targeting” (in reference to Search Engine Optimization) is the ability to specifiy what exact locations you’d like your business to show up on Google. 

This allows customers who previously would have never even known you existed to search for and find your business online.

1. Locale Area

The first method is targetting your locale area. This means getting your business to show up on Google in cities surrounding your city, allowing customers who are nearby to find your business who normally wouldn’t. 

This is especially useful for those who provide a physical service and or have a physical store front, as it allows customers from the cities next door to find you, breaking you out of obscurity. 

Clients who would have never even known you will come to you, and trust me, it’ll be awesome.

Some examples of business’s who’d benefit from this method are: Plumbers, Retail Stores, Dentists, Carpenters, etc.

2. ScatteREd locations

The second method is a bit less used than method #1, but still just as effective. This allows you to rank your website on Google in multiple areas which are not close to eachother.

This will allow customers/clients in other states and even on the other side of the country to find you and use your service. This can work wonders for those who prodivde a digital / consultation service that does not require you to meet in person. This can take your business to the next level when people who would have never known you even existed come to you for business.

Some examples of business’s that would benefit from this method are: Digital Marketers, Website Designers, Consultants (non-physical), eCommerce Businesses, etc.

Are you ready to show up all over the internet?


Our team consists of well-trained Search Engine Optimization Specialists who are commited to helping your business prosper. We use the most modern and effective online marketing strategies to ensure that we bring you only the best results.



For each area you’d like to give your business an online presence in, a seperate website is required so that your business can show up in all these places. Without multiple sites, your one website would only be able to show in the locale area that the business is in.

We create all 6-18 sites for you, so you can focus on what really matters: Your business.


We’re big nerds when it comes to data. Data allows us to look back on how we did on our work, and to continue to improve it every single time, ensuring you the absolute best experience. 

We constantly improve our service and processes to make sure we are on top of all effective online marketing strategies. We have a track-record of increasing online traffic, so your phone rings with ready-to-buy customers.


We custom optimize the content on each of your specific websites for each area that you’d like to show up in, to ensure that your sites have a good standing with Google by creating unique and relevant content on-site. This ensures that the sites we create for you will rank on Google and put you in that pool of “top-tier players”.


Our private Geo-Targeting Tech is our hole-in-the-ace; It’s what allows us to truly help businesses be found by customers that would have never even known they existed.

By giving your business an online presence in areas that you are not in, you’re able to get more customers and more business like you’ve never imagined. 


We give our clients the ability to rank with unlimited keywords of their choice, which will get their business to show up on Google for endless amounts of search terms.

Don’t have a clue on where to start with keywords? Don’t worry, using our SEO software, we can find exactly what keywords are relevant and searched for in your industry,

Our Strong Points

As a team of SEO Specialists, we pride ourselves on delivering only the latest and most effective online marketing strategies.

We have a track record of increasing online traffic for businesses, so your phone rings with ready-to-buy customers.

  • Data Analysis
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Off Page SEO
  • On Page SEO

We Know What Works, And What Doesn’t.



Look, we’ve been in the game for quite sometime know, and we know what works, and what doesn’t. 

First, let’s go over why it is important to show up on relevant search results for your business.

When searching for something on Google, the first 2-3 results to show up are called “Adword” results, and are indicated by the small “Ad” emblem directly under the search result. 

These are paid ads which businesses pay to Google to force their offer / search result at the top of results, in which they then pay per click.


Paid Adwords

  • Businesses pay money to Google’s ad platform to force these listings on Google Searches using the keywords they mention
  • They pay-per-click
  • These ads can be pushed to other locations/areas (geo-targeting)
  • These listings display a small “Ad” label directly under the title of the search result, informing the user that this search came up due to a company paying to show them it, rather than them finding it out of their own accord 
  • 1-2% click-through rate

Relevant Search Results

  • These are search results that organically show up due to being relevant to what the user searched for
  • These listings usually most match what user is looking for due to the nature of “relevant results”
  • These results give the user a feeling that they’ve found what THEY’RE looking for, not what a company wants to force upon them
  • These results can only show up in the native area of that company due to the website’s physical IP address, making it difficult to show up on Google in other areas (without our private geo-targeting technology that is)    
  • 15-30%+ click-through rate



A study done by SEO watch revealed that 94% of users on Google actually skip over the first few Adwords results due to the nature of them being ads.

This goes down to one of the core principle of human beings, that being: We want to find what we are looking for, not what someone else wants to show us.

Although on Adwords you can pay Google to show up on Google in other cities and areas (Geo-targeting), it doesn’t matter too much since 94% of the people searching for your service will skip over you anyways!

This is what makes our Geo-Targeting service so powerful, as we allow businesses to show up in multiple areas in the RELEVANT RESULTSallowing your future customers to find you due to the nature of their search result, not because your business paid to show ads to them.

Pricing PlanS

We strive to bring you the absolute best prices, so you can expand your business without breaking the bank. Each plan includes a $250 setup fee to create all the websites for you, allowing you to focus on what matters: your business.


No contracts. No fluff. Amazing Results.

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Answers to Your Questions

Why should I buy this?

Simply put: To Increase Your Business’s Exposure. Every business can benefit from more customers knowing about it, and the only way to accomplish this is through awareness. Our system allows your business to show up in multiple areas as if you had a physical location there, allowing you to break out of obscurity and take your business to it’s full potential.

How do I pay for this?

We charge our clients using invoices via Quickbooks, allowing you to pay in any method you’d like: Whether it’s a mail-in check, an order over the phone, or even Paypal.

What if this doesn’t work for me?

We are so sure that this will work for any business looking to increase exposure, that we practice an open-cancellation policy; meaning you can cancel the service at any time you feel it’s not working for you. 

Why is there a setup fee?

Although we don’t like to add extra charges into the mix, for our Geo-Targeting to work, we require a website custom created and optimized for each area you want to rank in. The setup fee ($250) is so we can build out these sites fully for you, allowing you to focus on what really matters: Your Business.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Absolutely not! We are 100% sure that we will be able to help your business prosper, allowing us to stay away from dodgy techniques like trapping a client in a contract. We charge by-the-month, with a no-penalty cancellation policy. 

Who would this benefit?

Our service benefits anyone who owns / operates a small business. All businesses  can use more customers, whether you’re a plumber, an attorney, or even a flower shop. 

Let's Work Together!

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A commited team of Search Engine Specialists dedicated to Helping Your Business Prosper via private Geo-Targeting Technology.

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