How Readbility Can Boost Your Rankings
Neel Sarode, Chief of Marketing, MSM
12 March 2018
When it comes to SEO, readability is a very important metric.

As I’ve mentioned before, it all comes down to user experience.

If your site is not formatted correctly and hard to read with little to no paragraph breaks and headings, users will quickly get overwhelmed and leave.

This will ruin your page visit time and ultimately hurt your Google ranking, due to the fact you’re giving your visitor a bad user experience.

Google measures how long users stay reading, the scrolling, the tapping, and the clicking. In simple terms, search engines look at the engagement on your content.

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Let’s get started!

“Good design is good business.”

– thomas watson jr.

Concise, simple paragraphs

Making your content easy to read by separating it via paragraphs is a great way to get started.

Simply put, you want to keep your content skimmable. This means users can glance down your page and get a good gist on what’s being explained.

I personally would stick to 1-3 sentences per paragraph, as this makes it easy to read but still can provide enough relevant information required.

(Yes I know this goes against all rules we learned in school.. the online game is different though!)

Use this article as an example when creating your own.

Bolding and Italicizing

When creating your content, DO NOT forget to utilize bolding and italicizing!

Bolding and italicizing is a great way to draw the users eyes to an important key piece of information in your content that will better help them understand what the piece is about, without having to read the entire thing first.

Now, when I say this, please do not go overboard.

You should have maximum 1-3 bolded words/phrases per paragraph, and at max 1-2 italicized.

If you go too far with this, all your text becomes bolded and NOTHING ends up standing out to the reader! (see the text below)

Bolding and italicizing the right information in the right places will help your user have a better experience by keeping your content skimmable and informative by providing places to draw the user’s eyes to to inform what you’ve written about.

Notice how much harder it is on the eyes when reading text ridden with bolding and italicizing?

On that note, I say one thing:

Keep it simple. Be sparing, but effective at the same time.

Check it this written guide that shows more detailed, in-depth best practices you should use when emphasizing text. 


Keep this in mind: Your headings (formatted as headers) are NOT DESIGN ASSETS.

These are crucial components to your SEO and must be used accordingly.

Make sure to use headers properly as section titles outlining what information is relayed in the next paragraph.

This will allow you to divide out your content into easy-to-read sections, improving the user experience on your site.

Here’s another resource you can use to make sure you create your headers in the best way plossible


Media refers to any digital content you display on your site: whether that’s an audio file, an image, or a video.

Media is very attractive to readers and creates engagement and interest, thus improving the SEO aspect of your content.

Keep in mind, not EVERYONE is a reader!

Some people prefer to sit back and watch a video or listen to audio explaining what they wanted to learn.

Having media on your site to tailor for these users will ultimately improve your user experience on a BROADER scale, ranking your website higher and higher.


Quotes are a great way to pull the attention of your visitor to a certain statement or message of your choice.

Quotes are usually styled much differently and stand out on webpages. (this is much simpler quote formatting but still stands out from other text)

Remember guys, seperating your content on your site is ALWAYS a good thing.

Making your site as easy to read and decipher as possible will always lead to a better experience for the end user.

You simply need to format whatever that text is as a “Quote” (Same place you format as a header) and ta-da! You’re done.

If you’re still confused, check out the screenshot below showing how MY quote formatting button looks. (I use WordPress with the Divi theme)


And that my friends, is it!

I truly hope you got a lot of value from this article, and I ask of you to employ this on YOUR business’s site TODAY.

Readability is absolutely crucial for your websites user experience AND ranking, and should not be taken lightly! If you’re not confident about your skills on this, definitely hire a professional.

A job well done is always better, and I can speak from experience!

Till next time guys! Cant wait to continue to help your business prosper.

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