SEO: What is Geo-Targeting?
Neel Sarode, Chief of Marketing, MSM
22 April 2018

Chances are, you’ve heard of Search Engine Optimization.

It’s how you get your business to show up on Google.

Chances are, you’re actually using SEO right now to get your business shown on Google.

But, the real question is, are you Geo-Targeting your business to show up on Google in other areas?

In the year 2018, EVERY business needs to establish an online presence to be successful and prosper.

Whether we’re talking Yelp, Social Media, SEO, or even Facebook Ads, it is absolutely vital for any business looking to expand.

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Now you’re probably wondering, what’s this Geo-Targeting nonsense this guy keeps spewing on about?

A method of detecting a website visitor’s location to serve location-based content or advertisements.

– Definition of Geo-Targeting

What is geo-targeting

Well friend, let me tell you it is not nonsense, and in fact is what is being used to expand and take businesses to the next level.

I’ll use a simple analogy to help paint a clearer picture of “Geo-Targeting” your SEO.

Let’s say your business is located in Fontana, CA.

  • Your business = the fisherman
  • Your potential customers = the fish
  • Your area = the lake

Your business is a fisherman and you “fish” by casting a fishing net into only a tiny portion of the lake (this tiny portion being Fontana).

Now, if this fisherman was to get a much larger fishing net, and cast the net over the entire area of the lake, would he catch more fish? Yes, he would!

You see, simply by “getting a bigger fishing net”, the fisherman is able to catch exponentially more fish than he would have with a tiny net. The same applies for your business.

Simply Put:

In case you still don’t fully get it, let me explain:

Instead of having your Fontana-Based business only show up on Google when searched from Fontana…

You would “Geo-Target” your business’s site to show up in Search Results from Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, Riverside, etc. (surrounding areas).

This would allow customers from OTHER AREAS who would have never even known you existed to find you and do business with you.

So why is this important?

Now this is SUPER important for business owners looking to expand but do not have the capital to open up another physical location!

Your business will show up in your surrounding cities as if you had a physical location there so new customers that NEVER even knew you exist could find you.

Let me repeat that again:

Geo-Targeting puts your business in front of the eyes of customers who otherwise would have never even known you existed.

The best way to grow your locaL business.

This could truly be what takes your business to the next level, and I implore you to not take this lightly!

To stay afloat in 2018, a business needs a constant new influx of customers coming in.

What better way for a fisherman to catch more fish than to use a bigger fishing net?

P.S. Geo-Targeting is actually our specialty.. If you want to multiply your potential customer-base by 6-18x for 50% off your first month, contact us and let us know you read this article!

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