Neel Sarode, Chief of Marketing, MSM
22 April 2018
Today’s article is regarding something very close and dear to my heart: BLOGGING.

Contrary to public knowledge, blogging is the absolute best way to make sure your site is showing up on Google for as many keywords as possible.

It involves using your blog content to provide answers and solutions to problems your potential customer might have!

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Before I continue explaining why it’s so important, check out this small business plumber’s blog.. It’s done perfectly!

As you can see, the plumber is providing value on how to do his actual job, which gives customers the information they need to know to decide whether he’s the one to hire or not!

His blog articles range from topics such as water damage all the way to toilet wax rings, which creates him as the “expert in the field”.

This will make more customers choose YOU for the service, ultimately expanding your business and life.

These articles allow the plumber to show up on Google in areas he would have NEVER before, because he has blog articles mentioning these specific problems as well as providing the solution!

Think of it this way: Writing blog articles on topics in your industry allows you THAT many more chances to become the solution to your customer’s problem.

You first provide them with a free solution (aka reading your blog post), and once they realize either

A. they do not have the resources
B. they do not have the skill (in this case they will almost ALWAYS choose you for the job!)

Now, let’s begin on the best practices for your blog:

“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.”

– Bruce Lee

1. Backlinking

Backlinking allows you to build relationships with other companies and blogs by including links to THEIR content and asking them to link to your content.

These are additional channels where users can come across your content, even if they are browsing someone else’s site.

Great quality links from authority, well-respected sites will 100% help your SEO ranking, but only if you do it right!

If you’d like to go much more indepth, here is a great resource you can use to learn more about backlinking.

2. Keywords

Originally, SEO and keywords was a messy game.

It involved cramming keywords into a blog repeatedly, regardless of how it fits into the content.

In modern day, these keywords must serve a purpose.

These keywords need to fit into your article NATURALLY and need to be unique enough where users can find you when searching.

You also don’t want these keywords so unique that no one will ever even look them up!

I recommend long-tail keywords and phrases that people could search for. Rather than obsessing over keyword placement, you need to make sure you simply concentrate on answering questions.

After all, the goal of your site is to provide answers for your potential customers!

Want to learn more about keywords?

Click here to check out our Beginner’s Battle Plan for Keyword Research

Click here to learn about Content-To-Keyword Maps and how they can help YOUR articles rank higher

3. Images

Most blog articles have images, and for a great reason too.

Images can be optimized according to keywords, terms, and even have an alt-text field you can optimize.

This can be a great tool to improve your SEO and provide information to the search engine on what your page is actually about.

>> Here’s a nice in-depth resource which will give you the entire rundown. <<

4. Videos

Just like images, videos are great content you can share with your audience!

You must make sure these videos serve a purpose for your reader by using them to educate.

Make sure to tag these videos with appropriate search terms before you publish!

The visitor should know exactly whats going on in the video, allowing them to find your content when searched.

5. Social Media

 Did you know, you can even connect your blog to your social media accounts?

Google returns social media results on the top of your results, and if your blog is connected to them, the search engine will have one more thing to find when people search for you.

Make sure to use search terms in your titles and meta-descriptions, so your SEO can boost through social media listings too.

6. Fresh Content

ENGRAVE THIS INTO YOUR MIND: Google loves new, changing content.

For most sites, this is not an option, as once you create your Home Page, About Us, Contact Us, and Service Page, there’s really not much else you can add!

A blog allows you to keep filling your site with new steady information every single week.

Your site will show up when searched because your content will be the “freshest” and most relevant!

7. Indexing (The secret weapon)

This is the most important of all.

Every single blog post/article you create is considered a new “page” added to your site.

Your blog is considered a collection of “Indexed Pages” and is great for improving your SEO!

This is because Google ranks any site higher which contains a “pool” of relevant info for the user, and there’s no better way to accomplish this than with a blog.

Businesses who are including a blog on their site will see 55% more traffic than those who don’t.

This comes down to only one thing: Indexed pages.

If you’re still confused and want to know exactly what this means, watch the video created by Google below.

It explains how Google shows results when queries are searched for:

The end

Now that you understand why SEO and Blogging go hand in hand, I implore you to start on this right away!

If you’re confused on what kind of content to create and how, check out this resource from HubSpot, I guarantee it’ll help!

Create a simple approach to how you can start releasing article content that will inform and educate your potential customer.

I promise, it will be the greatest thing you can do for your business!

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